Universal Oil Marketing Company Limited

On 28 February 2008, Titus Miti embarked on a new adventure founding Universal Oil Marketing Company Limited. At this stage the main focus was lubricants, with the two flagship products provided by Caltex and Chevron. Four years later, the company became independent in 2012 after the cool-off period as agreed between Chevron and Engen with Titus as the lead entrepreneur. Universal Oil is the sole distributor of Chevron/Caltex products in Zambia and South Africa which gives the company a competitive edge. “The increasing demand was hard to cater, Universal Oil needed a financial boost and turning to a commercial bank for help was not enough to meet our long term needs. As they did not matched with existing our cash flows. But GroFin had the solution to enable us managing the emerging market,” explains Titus. Titus was introduced to GroFin by one of GroFin’s partners. He recounts that he was “very impressed with the speed at which GroFin was able to attend their needs.” Universal Oil started up again with renewed vigor, seeing turnover growth of 150%, 17 new jobs. Additionally, Universal Oil became a lubricant supplier to Olibul Investments Limited. Once again, GroFin honored its mission by assisting Universal Oil to push the boundaries of the lubricant market with efficient performances and creating employment for the local community.