SAS Dental Clinic

A family business, developed in 2002 by Dr. Mawano Deo and his wife Beatrice, SAS Clinic is a private health care provider in Kampala. Currently located at Shoal House, SAS Clinic is devoted to satisfying the community’s health care needs through reasonable, accessible and excellent medical services. First of all, to serve the community efficiently, SAS needed an office space sufficiently large enough to accommodate its grown patient load. With GroFin support a new business premises SAS is slated to open. “GroFin helped us visualise a clinic with all the facilities required to provide space for parking, waiting rooms and surgeries. The new space even accommodates training area for youth interested in dentistry,” said Beatrice. Increasing SAS’s working capital also proved a major advantage in their effort to attend to more patients. The new purpose built facility was designed to maximise the talents of the senior and junior Drs. Mawano as well as the additional dentist, nursing and clerical staff. The objective of GroFin and SAS is to extend services to more people and therefore develop the business. SAS’ turnover will increase moreover, it will help to improve health conditions in the country. With more space to accommodate patients, the services provided by SAS elevate the local private health care sector. Guided by a commitment to social responsibility, the Clinic provides free quarterly dental services to selected villages across Uganda. GroFin once again fulfills its mission by helping SAS Clinic to become sustainable and create jobs,—generating positive socio-economic impacts.