My School

Al-Bassam International Enterprise trading as My School

It can be difficult to find a partner to support and finance the entrepreneurial dream of a start-up. Nabil Al Raisi and his wife Samia vowed to make My School an even better and bigger learning place when they saw their school’s classrooms over populated after only a semester of operations. “The local communities in Al Halil and Al Seeb were in need of a good and affordable education provider,” says Samia.

Late 2012, the couple became aware of the Nomou Programme in Oman and immediately made their decision to partner with Nomou to grow their promising project. With Nomou support, Nabil and Samia increased the capacity of the school—adding eight new classrooms to accommodate 321 students, recruited 16 additional qualified teachers and staff members, and sustained 47 jobs. Nabil says, “With the support we received, we will reach our goal of providing quality learning to more than 450 students in the 2015/16 school year. Thanks to Nomou’s support, continuous advice, and for being a business partner, not just a finance company.”

“The support Nomou Oman Fund extended to My School created a positive change within the Al Seeb—a densely populated area in Muscat. The School capacity has more than doubled and a host of services previously not available are now offered, all structured around an improved learning experience,” says Sami Al Hassan, Investment Executive of GroFin Oman, the manager of the Nomou Oman Fund. One of the new services is Google Applications for educational purposes, making My School the first private school in Oman to use such technology to expand learning opportunities.

Nabil and Samia believe that extracurricular activities bring children together which helps break down barriers. My School participates in local social programmes to help students develop their work and communication skills. In keeping with the spirit of community building, every academic year, the school offers scholarships to three orphan students from the local area.

With these improvements in place, the educational system will be available to more children in Al Seeb at an affordable cost. Samia concludes, “As a means to lower poverty rates and improve social livelihoods, Omani education is a must and this is what My School’s vision is.”