Le Pichet Limited

Rwanteli Jean-Marie could not let go of the restaurant business when he left Burundi and returned to Rwanda in 2006. With 30 years of experience in that sector it was obvious for him to use them, so he channeled all his efforts into opening a bar and a restaurant in the centre of Kigali in a rented house in 2007. However it was in 2009, two years later, that he incorporated La Corniche Bar and Restaurant which was renamed Le Pichet Ltd.

The business started to grow steadily, operating in a rented building which was initially a residential house owned by someone living in France. Jean-Marie approached GroFin to finance the acquisition of the property in order to growing business. In the long run, the acquisition changed the strategic thinking of Jean-Marie and the resulted actions towards the business. In turn, this increased the sales. Le Pichet employs 18 persons in total for the good functioning of the restaurant, bar and a third business branch which is the sales of flowers and garden maintenance. GroFin has worked closely with Jean-Marie to develop the marketing side of the three branches.

“GroFin’s financial intervention has enabled my restaurant to grow higher profits and reached my objectives of being the first choice for customers looking for a convenient and relaxed environment to eat. GroFin helped me to build up a reputation for quality customer service with my personal touch and most important to operate in my owned premises,” declared Jean-Marie.