La Découverte Limited

Everything started off behind the walls of Elévanie Mukantabana’s house in Kigali City, where her company La Découverte Ltd was conceived. We are in 1994 and things got serious when she opened her first store in her town. The store was specialised in the sales of cosmetics, and products like body lotions, creams, soaps, body oil, and perfumes imported from Europe. With Elévanie as sole owner, the company slowly turned into a privately owned Limited Liability selling authentic and well tested products – not harmless to the skin.


“Opportunities on the cosmetic market in 2009 were huge and I had to seize them all. But the problem was to find the necessary capital. Luckily, at the same time GroFin was offering a profit share facility. GroFin gave me the fund needed to increase my stock (volume and variety) and support the opening of 2 new branches,” explained Elévanie. La Découverte soon turned into a successful and profitable business. It could clearly be seen with the sudden increase in the monthly sales that same year. By the end of 2009, La Découverte was operating with 7% market share and had a total of four branches. It even contributed to the development and well being of 4335 people (clients and employees).

As usual where finance and guidance are needed, Grofin is always here to attend to its client’s requirements. If La Découverte was doing well before, it could not get much better with GroFin’s golden touch as it prompted to surpass itself by growing sales and helping the society through its activities.

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