Kenyan Entrepreneur, Pamela Muyeshi and Amaica Restaurant

Congratulations to Kenyan Entrepreneur, Pamela Muyeshi, for her phenomenal success with the Amaica Restaurant

Kenyan Entrepreneur Pamela Muyeshi has always had a passion for traditional and authentic Kenyan cuisine. So, it’s no surprise that Amaica Restaurant in Nairobi, would successfully grow to serve a customer base of roughly 43,000 diners per year, and triple its employment level to meet the growing demands of its customers.

Since receiving GroFin finance in 2011, Amaica Restaurant created 25 new jobs while sustaining its original 8 jobs. The 50% female-owned business doubled its female employment, and in the process touched the many lives of its majority semi/unskilled workers and their families. Furthermore, GroFin’s provided Amaica with business support by helping to implement their marketing strategy and boost sales revenues, while also assisting with succession planning to support and streamline branch operations.

We were especially proud when Pamela Muyeshi, following a GroFin Kenya sponsorship, found herself among the 69 global women entrepreneurs selected to complete the distinguished 2016-17 Vital Voices GROW Fellowship programme.

Our best wishes go out to Pamela and the team at Amaica Restaurant, who continue to support the restaurant’s mission of providing comprehensive and exceptional cultural experiences through promotion of African food, traditions, art and culture.