Impanga Ya Mambwe Lodge Limited

Justin Silumbwe was willing to unlock the potential found in the hospitality industry when he founded Impanga Ya Mambwe Lodge Limited. It was time for him to put into practice his 12 years of experience acquired in growing his company Norwood Enterprises Limited. The project started to materialize with the construction of a restaurant, a bar, a car park, a gymnasium, guard houses and conference rooms.

If talent, expertise and the will to succeed were there, Justin was soon overtaken by a lack of finance to complete the construction of the buildings. “I learnt about GroFin through their network and soon contacted them seeking for their support. GroFin came with the perfect model that would give life to my visions,” said Justin. Impanga ya Mambwe received the necessary funds with a three months moratorium. Once set up the company contributed into creating jobs for an initial workforce of 10 with plans to grow the establishment to 50 within the next six years.

“GroFin was successful in attending to Impanga Ya Mambwe Lodge’s needs by thinking beyond the financial aspects of things. GroFin acted as a mentor and without their expertise and good advice, it would be very difficult for me to achieve my dreams,” related Justin.