Health Plus

Relief for many through quality medication

In Nigeria, there’s less than one doctor per 1000 people.

From her teens, Bukky George was determined to change the health system for the better, and studied pharmacology during a time when deaths among children due to contaminated medication was commonplace.

In 1996 Bukky opened Health Plus pharmacy in Lagos and initially serviced her local community, but opened five more Health Plus branches over the next 10 years to meet the demand in underserviced areas of Nigeria.

Despite the success of Health Plus, Bukky could not gain access to adequate financial backing to further expand her business. GroFin invested US$630,523 in Health Plus in 2009 to enable Bukky to open three more branches and extend her service offering to include health services such as personalized nutritional counselling, free blood pressure measurement, blood glucose measurement and heart checks.

Health Plus now has an annual turnover of over US$8.7 m (an increase of 87% since it partnered with GroFin in 2009) and has doubled its staff compliment to 187, of which 20% are semi-or unskilled workers. These 187 jobs have a direct benefit to approximately 842 family members and an indirect benefit in knock-on job creation and improved livelihoods to a further 2,525 people.