El-Farab for Import Company

Established by Ahmed El Hosseiny in 1975, El-Farab for Import Company is an Egyptian Joint Stock enterprise operating in the hardware sector and is the sole distributor of Black & Decker and Dewalt brands in the country. “Our goal is to provide complete solutions with premium quality hardware tools to the Egyptian market and to professionally service these products,” explains Mahmoud El Hosseiny, son of Ahmed. El-Farab provides hardware solutions to industrial, construction, automotive, workshops, and common do-it-yourself customers throughout Egypt.

With Nomou’s support, El-Farab secured the working capital needed to develop its warehouse and expand its inventory. “We are eager to work with the Nomou team to enhance our internal processes and look forward to their regular business support,” says Mahmoud.

El-Farab services its customers with a team of well-trained sales representatives operating across the country. The company also maintains a network of distributors throughout Egypt. “Through these channels we cover a wide range of customers in the Egyptian industrial sectors ranging from furniture manufacturing, automotive refinishing market, construction, electronics, and metal manufacturing,” explains Mahmoud.

In the near future, El-Farab with the assistance of Nomou seeks to increase its product portfolio to include hand tools, construction, expanded DIY products, and welding equipment. This will enable the enterprise to become a one-stop shop. “Slowly increasing the product lines with proper market planning will help the business sustain a healthy growth rate,” states Yehia Ashour, GroFin’s Senior Investment Manager in Cairo.