Daystar Pre and Primary Company Ltd, Tanzania

A focus on quality education in her community is what drew Lilian Butesi Muhandiki to quit her secure job at the airport and start teaching students. Starting with private tuitions for 5 nursery students at her home, word-of-mouth saw the number of students shoot up to 25. It was then that Lilian decided to rent a room for her teaching project, and reach out to more students in need of quality education.

Today, Lilian has managed to grow her teaching project to over 500 pupils at nursery and primary levels and owns a school building where, so far, she has managed to construct 4 blocks accommodating 17 classrooms. Of the 516 students at the school, there are 25 orphans, and counting.

“I help them as I am who I am because of them. Why, one of our orphans could become a minister one day, or even the President of the country! These children have such potential,” says Lilian.

Lilian shows a keen focus on maintaining the quality of education and only employs highly qualified teachers and support staff. The impressive academic performance of the school is attributed to the exceptional quality of the 22 teachers, counting 4 Degree holders, 16 Diploma holders, and 2 Certificate holders. The ratio of teachers to pupils is presently 1:30 which is even better than the Ministry of Education’s requirement of a maximum of 1:45. Lilian’s dedication has seen Daystar Pre and Primary School reach the 6th rank in its district and 27nd regionally in 2013.

GroFin believes in Lilian and her dream, and initially partnered with her in 2014 to improve the infrastructure to support the 500+ students at the existing premises. Since then, GroFin has continued hand-in-hand with Daystar, supporting their additional funding requirement to build another school with 14 classrooms which shall enlighten an additional 630 young minds. GroFin’s cumulative investment of USD 900k has helped Lilian fulfil her dream of transforming the lives of future generations of Tanzanians.

“GroFin is different. They accompany you in your growth, help you do your business better, and take you to a higher level altogether. I trust GroFin to help me realise my dream of becoming one of the best providers of primary education services in the country,” concludes Lilian.