Café Deli, Nanjala Limited

The business of Café Deli was founded by trained pastry chef, Obado Obadoh, who learnt his craft through his experience in the hospitality industry, working for major Kenyan hotel chains. Obado approached GroFin in 2011 when an opportunity to buy-out an existing restaurant arose. Despite the absence of the required collateral, GroFin supported him to fulfill his dreams. As this was Obado’s first experience of a buy-out, GroFin provided him with pre-business support by helping in reviewing/ finalising various agreements with the vendors, including the sale and lease agreements for the restaurant.

The expansion also required an increase in capacity, so it was recommended to install an appropriate system to monitor sales, purchases and stock, which was successfully implemented post the investment. Under his management and following a successful re-branding of the business, the outlet saw its revenues increase by 250% since take-over.

Obado is a keen entrepreneur, open to ideas and took on GroFin’s business support services with enthusiasm. These services included ongoing reviews of financial and operational performance, quality of food and consistency of service delivery. GroFin also assisted him with human resources management, such as recruiting of staff, training, motivation, and retention. Obado was focused on leveraging his support to shift his business to the next level, and in early 2013 he was able to respond to another buy-out opportunity.

GroFin was able to provide further funding for this acquisition, backed by the client’s proven business acumen and track record. The new business has a seating capacity of 170 customers, together with the other business with a seating capacity of 60 customers, bringing the total seating capacity of that of 230 customers. At this juncture, GroFin recognized the need for the business to maintain a centralized kitchen for production to manage consistency and food quality. This was implemented at the time of the second buy-out. The sudden growth also required the right selection of key staff, with which they client was duly assisted.

From the beginning, GroFin was mindful of the need to establish Café Deli as a brand, which leads to the client being assisted and advised on website development, social media strategy and PR. These efforts have resulted in building a strong brand that delivers on its promise. Café Deli has become well known for its cakes and pastries in the city and monthly sales have continued to increase as a result of the continuous value-adding business support provided by GroFin.