BOP Investment Limited

Benjamin Anim founded BOP Investment Limited (BOP) in 2008 and commenced operations in April 2009. The business started brightly as trade representatives for Nestle, Olam, and Stallion products.

BOP has two sales outlets, one in Asamankese in the Eastern Region and the other one in Accra. It uses numerous distribution fleets to serve bulk buyers and its main distribution channels include retail outlets such as grocery shops, kiosks, open market stalls and table tops. In 2015, Benjamin signed contracts for BOP to be a local distributor for other global brands such as Cadbury, Primex, Voltic, Promasido, and Mansell.

Benjamin sought GroFin investment and support to finance the purchase of stock. With 14 years’ experience and industry knowledge, he has shown that determination is the key to one’s desire when one takes the initiative. Over the years, Benjamin put most of the profits back into BOP for use as working capital. “With little resources, I embarked on this unfolding life changing course,” Benjamin explains. He led the growth of BOP at a pace he felt comfortable managing and now says, “With GroFin support, the business is ready to take advantage of new opportunities.”

Operating in two different locations with sufficient space to support future growth strategies, BOP boasts impressive revenue. The business won several categories of awards from Nestle like Best Business Setup, consistently meeting goals for its territories. “This is a flourishing volume driven business, with stable cash flow however profit margin is generally low,” explains GroFin Investment Executive, Samuel Sedegah. “BOP has the ability to leverage on its established distribution network to grow its product portfolio, as well as its customers network.” As much of BOP’s merchandise is everyday consumables, GroFin expects the business to prove resilient by returning positive cash flow.

Suppliers’ price inflation has reduced cover for inventory hence the need for finance to sustain and increase the inventory levels. The business objectives for the next 3-5 years are to span in several geographical areas, increase market shares and replace the current ageing distribution fleet with new trucks. The SBG Fund investment will help BOP achieve these objectives and sustain direct and indirect jobs resulting in self-sufficiency.