Al-Mostaqilla for Technology & Industrial Investment

Originally from Palestine, Walid Al-Tarifi, is passionate about technology. Driven by this passion, Walid travelled to Germany, France, and Italy to acquire knowledge on optical discs and the industry. In 1996, he established his first factory, Al-Mostaqilla for Technology & Industrial Investment with the support of his brothers.

Due to the political situation in Palestine, in 2002, Walid decided to relocate his factory to Amman – Jordan. Since then, Al Mostaqilla is the only manufacturer of scale in the country, with 7 production lines generating high-quality CDs and DVDs. Walid sought Nomou’s assistance to finance the buyout of the premise of Al Mostaqilla, as well as the acquisition of a new machine to start another production line for new types DVDs in high demand.

According to Walid, “Al Mostaqilla’s production will concentrate on the educational sector in Jordan with the intention to partner with the Ministry of Education and Rowad Publishing Company to provide schools with high quality optical discs that will allow students to access information.”

Al Mostaqilla imports its raw materials and to this effect, Alfinaz Murad, Investment Executive of GroFin Jordan explains that, “With the Nomou Programme, we aim to connect Walid to the best quality suppliers in the region.” Besides the production of optical discs, the company provides services replication, duplication, offset printing, and packaging services. “Al Mostaqilla complies with international laws and works in accordance with them, protecting intellectual property, printing, and publishing copyrights for individuals and companies,” says Walid.

With the new production line and market linkages, Nomou expects Al Mostaqilla to increase its full-time employees’ roster from 20 to 28 and to hire an additional 20 part-time staff primarily comprised of low-skilled local workers.