Supporting Small Growing Businesses across Africa and Middle East

GroFin Supports Small Growing BusinessesA proven SME financier, GroFin supports small growing businesses (SGBs) through need-based finance and value-adding business support.

At GroFin, we understand that the absence of appropriate finance to support SMEs is a major growth constraint for small growing businesses (SGBs), and we acknowledge with equal importance, the inability of SGBs to achieve sufficient scale to sustain their growth momentum.

Accordingly, our GroFin professionals address these challenges by providing a proven blend of need-based finance and value-adding business support to unserved and underserved entrepreneurs in Healthcare, Education, Food Security, Manufacturing and Water/Sanitation among others.

Through a well-defined process, our clients gain access to appropriate business finance, advisory services such as business plan reviews and marketing support, along with opportunities for entrepreneurs to access markets and network with other SGBs, and all with an objective to optimise the SGB’s performance.

And to further ensure client success, we engage our 110+ business growth experts spread out across GroFin offices in Africa and the Middle East, to work in collaboration with investor organisations and partners, to provide our clients with the strongest possible growth thrust.

The results of our approach to clients can best be measured through the many client success stories we have been privileged and rewarded to showcase over the years.

Strong investor support built on a reputation of trust, consistency and delivery

As an award-winning, international and multicultural company headquartered in Mauritius, GroFin has over 130 employees who specialise in providing value to our 500+ clients in areas of operation covering 12 countries, namely Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Oman, Jordan and Iraq. GroFin is supported by over 30 international development finance institutions, development organisations, foundations, large companies and private funders, with committed funding in excess of US$500 million.

Our reputation for performance has been recognised by industry experts, and has seen GroFin win several awards including:

  • 2007 Africa Investor Award
  • 2008 Africa Investor Award
  • Best Initiative in Support of SME Development
  • 2010 World Business and Development Award
  • 2013 Ghana Finance Award
  • 2015 Ghana-Africa Business Award for outstanding contribution to Ghana’s development in the context of NEPAD.


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