Nomou Oman client Duqm Crushers set on path to success

With the Duqm port seeing its first shipment of Dolomite on Thursday, 25 February 2016, Duqm Crushers looks set on the path to success.
The company, a client of the Nomou Oman Fund, was one of the first companies to use the Duqm Port’s commercial quay, and this particular shipment is intended for export to India.

In an article appearing in local English daily Oman Tribune, Duqm Crushers’ Chairman, Sheikh Faisal Bin Nasser Al Junaibi, noted that the port had been focusing on dry bulk export so far. However, a new chapter was now starting with the first shipment of 50,000 tonnes leaving for India from the jetty of the Duqm commercial port, he said.
While it is planned to export a large part of the production, there is also good local demand, he noted.
He pointed out that

the goal of the project was to serve the national economy and to put on the map the projects launched by Omani youth.

The company has installed the biggest crushers as per global standards to produce material that was in demand in the growing Duqm area too.
Duqm Crushers’ chairman concluded on the note that the officials at the Duqm port have spared no effort to provide all facilities to complete the export process at the earliest. Production and export of such material will not only result in the creation of jobs for nationals but also contribute to economic growth.

In 2014, Nomou Oman invested in the start-up company, which, at the time, had a proposed quarry of operations that is currently located in the Duqm special economic zone (SEZ).

Duqm Crushers_inset
The Dolomite mining concern was started with the intent of supplying Dolomite to overseas markets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and India. The entrepreneur managed to successfully secure a contract with an India based client that allowed him to establish demand for his products, with Nomou funding and support enabling the start-up to commence operations.
It may be noted that Dolomite is used in the production of building materials as also by the steel industry.

Adapted from the article “First Shipment of 50,000t dolomite today” published on p18 in Oman Tribune on 25.02.2016