Nomou – a collaboration to support the SME sector in Egypt

Cairo, Egypt—today, 9 June 2015 will mark the official launch of the Nomou Programme in Egypt – part of a regional initiative to catalyse the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector to support sustainable job creation. The Nomou initiative was co-created by GroFin, a pioneering SME development finance organisation and Shell Foundation, an independent charity. In Egypt Nomou is further supported by UKAID.


The objective of the programme is to provide an integrated solution of patient growth finance, tailored business support, and access to markets to start-ups as well as existing small and medium enterprises across Egypt and the MENA region.


The launch will be held at Sofitel El Gezirah from 17:30 to 19:30 where government, private sector and NGO industry leaders are gathering to discuss how they can jointly strengthen Egypt’s growing SME sector. Featured speakers and guests include his excellency the British Ambassador to Egypt John Casson,  the  Managing Director of Egypt Social Development Fund Soha Soliman, the advisor to the Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade Abla Abdel Latif, Private Sector Advisor MENAD – Department for International Development Carl Aaron, Shell Foundation Director Sam Parker, and GroFin Group CEO Jurie Willemse.


The Nomou Programme in Egypt has headquarters in Cairo and operates in all governorates. The Programme is designed to focus business support and investment in high impact sectors such as healthcare, education, agro-processing, and energy that supportive of inclusive growth.




Pre-event Press Release on 09.06.15