Netherlands Ambassador visits GroFin Jordan client Sindbad For Marine Transportations

The Ambassador of the Netherlands in Jordan, Mr. Paul Van Den Ijssel, visited a GroFin client, Sindbad For Marine Transportations, in the southern city of Aqaba on Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

The meeting came about as part of the Netherlands’ Ambassador regular business visit to Aqaba to learn more about new developments and to look for investments and projects that might be of interest to Dutch companies.

Furthermore, the Netherlands are considering working with GroFin through the Dutch Good Growth Fund.

Alfinaz Murad, Investment Executive of GroFin Jordan, expressed her deepest appreciation for the generous visit.

“We are grateful for the shared interest of the Netherlands representatives in the Nomou Fund, whose mission and activities are managed directly by GroFin Advisory,” she stated.

His Excellency’s visit included a tour of Sindbad’s fully owned “Berenice Beach Club” as well as an explanation of the main marine services and sports activities.


Established in 1999, Sindbad initially operated as a supplier of marine transportation, yachting, scuba diving, water sports, & tourism investment in Aqaba. The company later grew to become the Sindbad Group, a leader in international marine transportation between Jordan (Tala bay Marina) & Egypt (Taba heights Marina)

Today, Sindabd Group supports a fleet of yachts and high speed crafts in addition to a number of speed boats and jet skis. The Group’s latest addition “Berenice Beach Club” opened in 2012, and extends over 23,000 sqm and 500 m on the coast of Aqaba Marine Park to function as a one-stop-shop private beach with full access to the Park.

The success of Sindbad is a direct result of dedicated business support from Grofin Jordan which has worked closely with the Group to overcome a number of obstacles as well as explore new opportunities for growth. In April 2015, Sindbad Group won Jordan’s Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2014.