Meet the GroFin Team in Zambia

With risk capital in excess of US$400 Million, GroFin provides a proven blend of financing and value-adding business support to under served entrepreneurs in the small and growing business sector. Through access to appropriate levels of business finance, advisory services such as development assistance, and opportunities for businesses to achieve sustained market linkages, we achieve verifiable results. GroFin is an award-winning, international and multicultural company with a presence in 14 countries. We are supported by 25 international investors, development funders, banks, corporations, and foundations.

CHibamba LopaChibamba Lopa
Investment Executive

In Chibamba’s capacity as country lead, he brings his twenty-two years of finance experience to the service of building alliances with established local ventures and implementing the organization’s unbiased approach to financing Zambian entrepreneurs. He says, “The organization’s capacity to contribute to entrepreneur and enterprise growth in a measurable and sustainable way is one of the greatest assets it brings to the local market.” Chibamba is the proud father of four children for whom he looks forward to positive impact of increased investment in Zambia.


Robinson Daka
Investment Manager

Originally from Lusaka, Robinson is an investment manager with sixteen years experience in the finance Industry. He says, “GroFin initially attracted my attention because of their commitment to identifying, advising, and financing small and growing businesses that will ultimately assist in Zambia’s national economic development.” While at GroFin he services entrepreneurs classified as part of the “missing middle”, Robinson is quick to tell people he is inspired by the work of Professor Muhammad Yunus.


[one_third_last]MwchieMwiche Namundi
Operations Manager

With four years of industry experience, Mwiche performs a important function as local operations manager. She also embodies the company’s commitment to utilizing and developing the skills of African women. Mwiche believes that, “GroFin’s innovative value proposition makes it uniquely positioned to address the needs of entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries.” She feels that her current success can be attributed to the support and encouragement of her mother.