GroFin launches SGB fund

On August 29, 2014, GroFin CEO Jurie Willemse announced the successful 1st closing of the GroFin SGB Fund. The new SGB fund aims to continue GroFin’s legacy of backing small and growing businesses [SGBs] , while integrating lessons learned over the past decade of operations. The SGB fund is supported by anchor investors Shell Foundation and

GroFin’s investment for the future: Kenyan women entrepreneurs are good ‘jockeys’

Published on the SEED Initiative Blog by Rishi Khubchandani GroFin Investment Executive in Kenya –
The driving force, the key success factor, of the business should be the entrepreneur. Good entrepreneurs who receive value-adding business support from a partner like GroFin are more likely to succeed under challenging conditions, we believe, and we look at entrepreneurs who demonstrate a good professional track record as well as the appropriate practical experience related to the business they are growing.

Photo of Walter Ogwal

Walter Ogwal announced as GroFin East Africa Regional Investment Director 

Walter Ogwal will assume the role of GroFin East Africa Regional Investment Director in October 2014.The former senior banker has a passion for growth finance and a track record in assisting entrepreneurs of small and growing businesses to navigate the myriad of challenges speaks for itself. GroFin looks forward to his continued success in creating sustainable positive socioeconomic impact throughout the region.