Millennial movement: Why the young are impact investment’s big hope

Millennial movement: Why the young are impact investment’s big hope

Even as ‘The Economist’ noted in an authoritative piece at the start of 2017 that impact investing has come of age, moving into 2018 it looks like the rise of impact investing is indeed an age-related phenomenon. Powering the growth of impact investing are the millennial youth, the freshly minted generation of the 1980s and

GroFin Ivory Coast Client - Ecole des Spécialités Multimedia d’Abidjan (ESMA)

GroFin Ivory Coast client expands digital education reach

Ivory Coast is facing challenges in catering for a rapidly rising labour force, counting 14 million workers in 2015 and poised to rise to around 22 million by 2025. As more and more workers enter the emerging economy, the issue is not so much employment for everyone, as it is to guarantee a decent wage. Indeed,

GroFin Senegal

GroFin opens 16th office across Africa and MENA, to invest in SMEs in Senegal

GroFin, a pioneering SME development financier, has opened its office in Senegal, furthering its expansion into West Africa’s Francophone belt after Ivory Coast. With the opening of this office, Senegalese entrepreneurs can expect to benefit from the unique model of appropriate, medium-term finance and specialised, value-added business support that GroFin extends to Small and Growing

GroFin Client - Five Builders Construction - Egypt

How young Arab entrepreneurs are powering job creation

Moving away from their historical over-reliance on the public sector, Arab youth are empowering themselves by pursuing entrepreneurship avenues and these young Arab entrepreneurs are creating employment at scale The eighth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) calls for promoting “inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment, and decent work for all.” A new report by the

Kenyan Entrepreneur, Pamela Muyeshi and Amaica Restaurant

Congratulations to Kenyan Entrepreneur, Pamela Muyeshi, for her phenomenal success with the Amaica Restaurant

Kenyan Entrepreneur Pamela Muyeshi has always had a passion for traditional and authentic Kenyan cuisine. So, it’s no surprise that Amaica Restaurant in Nairobi, would successfully grow to serve a customer base of roughly 43,000 diners per year, and triple its employment level to meet the growing demands of its customers. Since receiving GroFin finance in

Barabara Tales in Kenya

Dutch cycling graduates Jens Gronheid and Mark van der Waal are on a 100-day journey from Nairobi to Cape Town (to be chronicled as ‘The Barabara tales’). In this adventure, they have the full support of the DGGF


GroFin unveils Small & Growing Businesses Fund backed by DGGF in South Africa

Job creation being a key priority of the Fund, Conradie highlighted that GroFin is keen on businesses that have the potential to create 10 – 50+ job opportunities, starting with companies that have fewer than 150 employees. Currently, research by shows that 65% of SMEs in South Africa create zero job opportunities, while just 9% create 20 jobs or more.

US$100 Million GroFin SGB Fund Launched to Support SMEs in Africa

KAMPALA, Uganda, September 24, 2015 Wednesday 23 September marked the official launch of the GroFin Small and Growing Businesses (SGB) Fund. It aims to catalyse sustainable job creation through supporting small and growing businesses in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria,Zambia, South Africa and Egypt. The Fund aims to support over 9,800 under-served entrepreneurs and

Participation in the Oman SME Summit by GroFin

The Oman SME Summit, themed “Reinvigorating the SME Market in Oman” this year, saw the participation of GroFin as panellist for the discussion titled “Review of Funds and programs in place for SMEs, their status and the way forward.” This initiative aims at creating awareness on the various funds and programs established to encourage entrepreneurship in Oman. The

GroFin Launches Fund to Support Growth of Small and Growing Businesses in Africa

KAMPALA, Uganda, September 14, 2015 Wednesday 23 September 2015 will mark the official launch of the GroFin Small and Growing Businesses (SGB) Fund in Africa that aims to catalyse sustainable job creation through supporting small and growing businesses in Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, South Africa, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Egypt. The Fund was co-created by GroFin, a


The Ghana – Africa Business Awards Scheme was established in 2004 under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration. The scheme was set up to honor institutions which make significant contributions to the development of Ghana’s economy through trade promotions, Investments and other economic relations between Ghana and other African countries.

Erhiuwes Product Launch

Erhiuwes Enterprise, a distributor of health food and herbal products and which received funding from the Aspire Small Business Fund, recently launched One World Network’s Natural Beauty and Wellness products. The products, manufactured in Philippines, were introduced to the Nigerian Market last month. Ughelli is the second Nigerian city, after Lagos, where these products are

Participation in World Bank’s forum on “Competition and Innovation for Greater Financial Inclusion” in Zambia

The Bank of Zambia in conjunction with the World Bank Regional office for Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe held an annual forum themed on “Competition and Innovation for Greater Financial Inclusion” on the 18th June 2015. The audience consisting of Zambian major market players was presented with best practices and innovations in the financial services industry. Chibamba

Press Release Wednesday 10 June 2015

For Immediate Release   NOMOU — CATALYSING THE EGYPTIAN SME SECTOR AS AN ENGINE FOR JOB CREATION   On Tuesday British Ambassador John Casson inaugurated the Nomou Programme in Egypt – a regional partnership between GroFin, Shell Foundation and the UK government to catalyse the SME sector and support sustainable job creation. Over 3,500 sustainable

Nomou – a collaboration to support the SME sector in Egypt

Cairo, Egypt—today, 9 June 2015 will mark the official launch of the Nomou Programme in Egypt – part of a regional initiative to catalyse the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector to support sustainable job creation. The Nomou initiative was co-created by GroFin, a pioneering SME development finance organisation and Shell Foundation, an independent charity.

GroFin Zambia participates in the FSDP II

On 2nd June 2015, GroFin Zambia participated in the Self-Assessment and Review of the Financial Sector Development Plan II, 2010-2015.  The FSDP II Secretariat, which has was quartered at the Bank of Zambia, has been involved in ensuring greater financial inclusion for all in Zambia as well as developing various regulatory frameworks across the three financial service