The GroFin guide for entrepreneurs: 10 steps to build a successful business around the right people

It is often seen that entrepreneurs overlook human resource planning, or simply stated, people planning, in the early stages of their business. However, people planning is an integral part of business strategy

Is Africa witnessing a new breed of women entrepreneurs?

The old story of low-skilled women entrepreneurs in the informal sector may be about to be rewritten by a fresh wave of tech-savvy and well educated women entrepreneurs. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, GroFin would like to celebrate such women and their contribution to Africa’s growth story. If the past is any indication,

What it takes to succeed in Africa

Against the backdrop of the slow growth of most global economies, Africa shines out as home to a trillion-dollar, resource-rich economy which is host to some of the fastest-growing markets in the world. It is widely promising to turn into the next China in growth terms and, for committed entrepreneurs, this challenging continent could well

The GroFin Guide for entrepreneurs: How to optimise inventory levels

‘Inventory is a necessary evil.’ Any business owner, particularly from the stock intensive manufacturing, wholesale or retail space, would likely agree with that statement. Having too much inventory exposes your business to the risk of potential write-offs of unsold and obsolete stock, as well as to the pitfalls of committing money to slow-moving inventory when

Why Africa needs its women entrepreneurs

Caption: GroFin women entrepreneurs from Sub-Saharan Africa and MENA regions. Which region would you say has the highest proportion of female entrepreneurs? Many would believe it is the advanced world, with US and Europe leading the charge, as these regions normally do. But, while it may come as a surprise to most, it is Sub-Saharan

The Entrepreneurial Path…Is it right for you?

  For some people, the entrepreneurial route offers the freedom of being their own boss and the ability to think, plan, and innovate in their own unique way. However this freedom, comes with a price. “Through my multiple years of starting and managing successful enterprises, I have learned that real, sustainable success comes not only

Achieving Success

Pursuing success is the number one motivator in pushing limits and extending the reach for each and everyone.  For some, success is measured in terms of wealth, while for others, it is their emotional quotient.   An analysis on how those who are viewed as successful Leaders, for instance, might help us better understand the dynamics

The Egyptian Nexus

“Perched astride two continents, sandwiched between two seas, and watered by a river that feeds ten countries, Egypt is a nation destined to have extensive contact with the outside world.” Nabil Fahmy, the former Egyptian ambassador to the USA, spoke these words at the turn of the century and they couldn’t be more true today.

Your people, your asset

People are the most important asset in a business. Yet many entrepreneurs still think the biggest lever for growth is financial capital. They make their growth prospects contingent on obtaining a loan or tie their aspirations to the facilities, equipment and real estate they envision for the business. A company’s value is unconditionally created by

Incentives, Ownership & Productivity

Regardless of all operations, strategy and management factors, staff productivity can make or break a business. Recruitment & training are thus fundamental to any CEO’s efforts to ensure or improve worker output. Many firms struggle with the aforementioned areas and many others wonder what more can be done. Employee ownership is complement to recruitment and

Women Business Owners in Emerging Markets

The irrefutable evidence for empowering women just keeps coming. Last month, the IMF released a new report quantifying GDP losses due to gender gaps in selected countries. On the upside, it shows how many billions of dollars the world has to gain by empowering women, literally 15-40% of GDP. Women’s expanding economic output has already