Capital effect: impact measurement for SME investors

Over two-thirds of SMEs in emerging markets lack sufficient access to capital. Specialized SME investment funds are increasingly stepping in to fill this financing gap. By financing and nurturing SMEs, these fund managers often realize positive social and/or environmental impacts alongside a financial return. Measuring these extra-financial effects is called impact measurement. Doing so has

Women Business Owners in Emerging Markets

The irrefutable evidence for empowering women just keeps coming. Last month, the IMF released a new report quantifying GDP losses due to gender gaps in selected countries. On the upside, it shows how many billions of dollars the world has to gain by empowering women, literally 15-40% of GDP. Women’s expanding economic output has already

Cloud and Mobile Technology Growth in Africa and Other Emerging Markets

By Samuel Suraphel and Lane Cooper
For small and growing businesses that may not have existing processes around key business functions and operations, the adoption of cloud and mobility solutions may create structures to formalize and improve informal business practices. In so doing, the groundwork is laid for achieving growth objectives.