Junior System Administrator

Role summary The Systems administrator role is to support business systems implementation and use through: Effective maintenance and improvement of implemented systems, including screens, user setup and reports User support and troubleshooting, guidance and training   The Systems administrator has overall responsibility for maintaining the company systems and data so that it is available and

Investment Analyst – Filled

Role summary The Investment Specialist (IS) is responsible for developing and implementing an effective investment support system in GroFin (excluding business support), introducing best practice and ensuring that GroFin is a learning organization by implementing a knowledge management process that incorporates lessons learnt. Lastly, the IS will support fund opportunity development.   Primary relationships The

Your people, your asset

People are the most important asset in a business. Yet many entrepreneurs still think the biggest lever for growth is financial capital. They make their growth prospects contingent on obtaining a loan or tie their aspirations to the facilities, equipment and real estate they envision for the business. A company’s value is unconditionally created by

BOP Investment Limited

Benjamin Anim founded BOP Investment Limited (BOP) in 2008 and commenced operations in April 2009. The business started brightly as trade representatives for Nestle, Olam, and Stallion products. BOP has two sales outlets, one in Asamankese in the Eastern Region and the other one in Accra. It uses numerous distribution fleets to serve bulk buyers

Le Pichet Limited

Rwanteli Jean-Marie could not let go of the restaurant business when he left Burundi and returned to Rwanda in 2006. With 30 years of experience in that sector it was obvious for him to use them, so he channeled all his efforts into opening a bar and a restaurant in the centre of Kigali in a rented house in 2007.

Universal Oil Marketing Company Limited

On 28 February 2008, Titus Miti embarked on a new adventure founding Universal Oil Marketing Company Limited. At this stage the main focus was lubricants, with the two flagship products provided by Caltex and Chevron. Four years later, the company became independent in 2012 after the cool-off period as agreed between Chevron and Engen with Titus as the lead entrepreneur.

Impanga Ya Mambwe Lodge Limited

Justin Silumbwe was willing to unlock the potential found in the hospitality industry when he founded Impanga Ya Mambwe Lodge Limited. It was time for him to put into practice his 12 years of experience acquired in growing his company Norwood Enterprises Limited. The project started to materialize with the construction of a restaurant, a bar, a car park, a gymnasium, guard houses and conference rooms.

SAS Dental Clinic

A family business, developed in 2002 by Dr. Mawano Deo and his wife Beatrice, SAS Clinic is a private health care provider in Kampala. Currently located at Shoal House, SAS Clinic is devoted to satisfying the community’s health care needs through reasonable, accessible and excellent medical services.

Chims Enterprises

In Uganda, there is only one bank branch for every 100,000 people. Chims Enterprises is an MTN Mobile Money franchise that aims to help reduce this gap. Formally registered in August 2009 by Norman and Fiona Mutekanga the company endeavors to provide a convenient, secure, and affordable way to send and receive money through mobile phones without a bank account.

Café Deli, Nanjala Limited

The business of Café Deli was founded by trained pastry chef, Obado Obadoh, who learnt his craft through his experience in the hospitality industry, working for major Kenyan hotel chains. Obado approached GroFin in 2011 when an opportunity to buy-out an existing restaurant arose.

Al Nuha – Iraq

“When Ahmed came to us for the first time he came with a bag of candy. That’s so sweet! We didn’t realize that what we just chewed was his creation, from flavor to branding—all his!” says Khaled Faoud Investment Executive, GroFin  Iraq.

Incentives, Ownership & Productivity

Regardless of all operations, strategy and management factors, staff productivity can make or break a business. Recruitment & training are thus fundamental to any CEO’s efforts to ensure or improve worker output. Many firms struggle with the aforementioned areas and many others wonder what more can be done. Employee ownership is complement to recruitment and

Capital effect: impact measurement for SME investors

Over two-thirds of SMEs in emerging markets lack sufficient access to capital. Specialized SME investment funds are increasingly stepping in to fill this financing gap. By financing and nurturing SMEs, these fund managers often realize positive social and/or environmental impacts alongside a financial return. Measuring these extra-financial effects is called impact measurement. Doing so has

Women Business Owners in Emerging Markets

The irrefutable evidence for empowering women just keeps coming. Last month, the IMF released a new report quantifying GDP losses due to gender gaps in selected countries. On the upside, it shows how many billions of dollars the world has to gain by empowering women, literally 15-40% of GDP. Women’s expanding economic output has already

GroFin launches SGB fund

On August 29, 2014, GroFin CEO Jurie Willemse announced the successful 1st closing of the GroFin SGB Fund. The new SGB fund aims to continue GroFin’s legacy of backing small and growing businesses [SGBs] , while integrating lessons learned over the past decade of operations. The SGB fund is supported by anchor investors Shell Foundation and

GroFin’s investment for the future: Kenyan women entrepreneurs are good ‘jockeys’

Published on the SEED Initiative Blog by Rishi Khubchandani GroFin Investment Executive in Kenya –
The driving force, the key success factor, of the business should be the entrepreneur. Good entrepreneurs who receive value-adding business support from a partner like GroFin are more likely to succeed under challenging conditions, we believe, and we look at entrepreneurs who demonstrate a good professional track record as well as the appropriate practical experience related to the business they are growing.