Why Africa needs its women entrepreneurs

Caption: GroFin women entrepreneurs from Sub-Saharan Africa and MENA regions. Which region would you say has the highest proportion of female entrepreneurs? Many would believe it is the advanced world, with US and Europe leading the charge, as these regions normally do. But, while it may come as a surprise to most, it is Sub-Saharan

Highland School, Rwanda

Passionate educationists like Edward Munyaburanga, whose Highland School is being recognised as a premier educational institution in the Bugesera District, have a key part to perform in lifting hundreds of children into a world of education and thus empowerment.

Cherish Eye Enterprise, Nigeria

In 2008, Joy Aghogho Money started a school-to-school outreach programme where she not only offered free optometry consultation to pupils and teachers but also sold contact lenses. At one of her outreach sessions, Joy’s programme impressed a team from the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) of Nigeria that was on a community health mission. The