The Ghana – Africa Business Awards Scheme was established in 2004 under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration. The scheme was set up to honor institutions which make significant contributions to the development of Ghana’s economy through trade promotions, Investments and other economic relations between Ghana and other African countries.

Erhiuwes Product Launch

Erhiuwes Enterprise, a distributor of health food and herbal products and which received funding from the Aspire Small Business Fund, recently launched One World Network’s Natural Beauty and Wellness products. The products, manufactured in Philippines, were introduced to the Nigerian Market last month. Ughelli is the second Nigerian city, after Lagos, where these products are

The Entrepreneurial Path…Is it right for you?

  For some people, the entrepreneurial route offers the freedom of being their own boss and the ability to think, plan, and innovate in their own unique way. However this freedom, comes with a price. “Through my multiple years of starting and managing successful enterprises, I have learned that real, sustainable success comes not only

Achieving Success

Pursuing success is the number one motivator in pushing limits and extending the reach for each and everyone.  For some, success is measured in terms of wealth, while for others, it is their emotional quotient.   An analysis on how those who are viewed as successful Leaders, for instance, might help us better understand the dynamics