GroFin launches SGB fund

On August 29, 2014, GroFin CEO Jurie Willemse announced the successful 1st closing of the GroFin SGB Fund. The new SGB fund aims to continue GroFin’s legacy of backing small and growing businesses [SGBs] , while integrating lessons learned over the past decade of operations. The SGB fund is supported by anchor investors Shell Foundation and

GroFin’s investment for the future: Kenyan women entrepreneurs are good ‘jockeys’

Published on the SEED Initiative Blog by Rishi Khubchandani GroFin Investment Executive in Kenya –
The driving force, the key success factor, of the business should be the entrepreneur. Good entrepreneurs who receive value-adding business support from a partner like GroFin are more likely to succeed under challenging conditions, we believe, and we look at entrepreneurs who demonstrate a good professional track record as well as the appropriate practical experience related to the business they are growing.

What Makes A Business In An Emerging Market Grow?

In a world where more companies fail than flourish, there seems to be little consensus on the key success factors. Even companies with thrilling ideas, Ivy League-educated leadership and rounds of venture capital funding have crashed and burned. While experience is the best teacher, even experienced entrepreneurs still have less than a 50% chance of

GroFin and SPDC working in the Niger Delta

By Sabre Collier-
Aspire aims to invest in 200 small and growing businesses in the Niger Delta, while delivering invaluable business counsel to many more. These investments aim to create over 2,400 sustainable jobs by 2018. Moreover, they will improve an estimated 14,000 livelihoods, bit by bit expanding possibilities for prosperity and stability in the Niger Delta.

Solwezi Today

GroFin Zambia adds sheen to SMEs

From Solwezi Today  GroFin’s business development support helps clients to grow their business management skills set and deepen their insight into market and industry, to improve operational efficiencies and achieve best practice. GROFIN Zambia has opened its doors in the country as an innovative development financier poised to add a new dimension to small-scale business people

Cloud and Mobile Technology Growth in Africa and Other Emerging Markets

By Samuel Suraphel and Lane Cooper
For small and growing businesses that may not have existing processes around key business functions and operations, the adoption of cloud and mobility solutions may create structures to formalize and improve informal business practices. In so doing, the groundwork is laid for achieving growth objectives.