Growing Your Business By Being, Invest or Ready

Published in The Entrepreneur Aug-Sep 2014 One of the biggest challenges that small and medium-sized businesses face is the inability to exploit investment opportunities immediately they present themselves. This is due to a number of factors that are prevalent in the business space. The key issue however. Is that entrepreneurs should always be ready for

Through the Gender Lens

In analyzing GroFin’s portfolio and others operating in a similar space, it’s become clear that we as investors are becoming more cognizant of emerging trends. Recently, there has been an almost palpable shift away from a gender-specific silo towards a more holistic vision of empowering women as investees, employees, consumers, suppliers and beyond.

GroFin Tanzania at VV GROW Fellowship Training

Elisante, who has been with GroFin for the past four years, said “It was exciting to meet female entrepreneurs from across Africa who were articulate and to the point in explaining investment opportunities and how they would want to realize their dreams. They indeed appreciated GroFin’s integrated approach, specifically when it came to pre-finance support and business support post investment.”

Ubuzima Policlinic: Bringing specialized health care to Rwanda

Although over 90% of Rwanda’s population is covered by public health insurance, specialized services can be extremely scarce. Dr. Sowaf Ubarijoro experienced the consequences of this gap in Rwanda’s health care system on a daily basis. He decided to start Ubizima Polyclinic in 2011 to make a personal contribution towards improving the quality of health care in his community.

Pick ‘n Pay South Africa: Promoting Equity and Sustainability

In South Africa, GroFin is helping to create a more equitable South Africa by promoting local entrepreneurs, local suppliers and local jobs. Although the country is now classified as an upper middle-income country, it remains the third most inequitable country in the world. One factor is that economic opportunities are not well-distributed across different demographic groups.