GroFin Entrepreneur Guide - Management Accounting

The GroFin guide for entrepreneurs: Management Accounting

In its most basic form, management accounting allows a business to control its operations and take informed decisions in line with its performance objectives. For small and growing businesses, management accounting is a way to ensure that the business stays within its means as it grows. Indeed, management accounting is crucial for entrepreneurs as it

British Ambassador Edward Oakden CMG visits Nomou Jordan investee, Arabella for Aluminium

GroFin Jordan was honoured by a visit by H.E. The British Ambassador in Jordan, Mr. Oakden, to Nomou investee Arabella for Aluminium’s factory in Almafraq City, on Monday, March 7, 2016. The factory visit came about as part of the H.E. The British Ambassador’s regular business visits to learn more about new developments and to

Al-Mostaqilla for Technology & Industrial Investment

Originally from Palestine, Walid Al-Tarifi, is passionate about technology. Driven by this passion, Walid travelled to Germany, France, and Italy to acquire knowledge on optical discs and the industry. In 1996, he established his first factory, Al-Mostaqilla for Technology & Industrial Investment with the support of his brothers. Due to the political situation in Palestine,