GroFin Entrepreneur Guide - Management Accounting

The GroFin guide for entrepreneurs: Management Accounting

In its most basic form, management accounting allows a business to control its operations and take informed decisions in line with its performance objectives. For small and growing businesses, management accounting is a way to ensure that the business stays within its means as it grows. Indeed, management accounting is crucial for entrepreneurs as it

Al Jabery Water Heaters, Iraq

Since he was 7 years old, Mohamed Al Jabery has been involved in his father’s business of manufacturing water heaters.
“I started with basic tasks like iron dust cleaning, and gradually grew into specialised roles in production management, finance and marketing, until I was finally promoted to general management of the business in 2001,” says 41-year-old Mohamed.

Basra Driving Institute

With Iraq being ranked as the 4th country in terms of death due to road accidents, defensive driving training is becoming a national priority, and it adds up to the need of most of international oil companies operating in the country, as such training is required to all the drivers that enter into the concession.