GroFin Team speaking to Wanzana Processing Entrepreneur

The Fruitful Journey of Wanzana Processing

Zambia-based entrepreneur Mukupo Sichula has more than 10 years’ experience in the local business environment, powering his successful run in his own F&B business, Wanzana Processing. As Managing Director, Mukupo is responsible for the day to day running of the family business that he started together with his uncle Mwembe (40% stake) and Mwembe’s father,

What it takes to succeed in Africa

Against the backdrop of the slow growth of most global economies, Africa shines out as home to a trillion-dollar, resource-rich economy which is host to some of the fastest-growing markets in the world. It is widely promising to turn into the next China in growth terms and, for committed entrepreneurs, this challenging continent could well

The GroFin Guide for entrepreneurs: How to optimise inventory levels

‘Inventory is a necessary evil.’ Any business owner, particularly from the stock intensive manufacturing, wholesale or retail space, would likely agree with that statement. Having too much inventory exposes your business to the risk of potential write-offs of unsold and obsolete stock, as well as to the pitfalls of committing money to slow-moving inventory when

Phyma Fresh business in Kenya flourishing thanks to GroFin

From Farm to Fork | Phyma Fresh, Kenya

Married for the last 25 years, James and Phyllis Maina consider Phyma Fresh Produce a labour of love. Having christened their business ‘Phyma’ (Phyllis and Maina) as a joint namesake, the entrepreneurial duo is passionate about what they do and are deeply involved in the operations of the business, founded in 2003 in Kenya. In

Business women in Rwanda Francine Mukaremera hit story

Women of Power | M.Line Petrol Station Ltd in Rwanda

Since 2008, Francine has demonstrated her ability to successfully manage oil businesses with a sole proprietorship that was later formalised into her company, M.Line Petro Station Ltd, in 2011. With overall entrepreneurial experience of 16 years, Francine is currently running four petrol stations and managing four tank trucks under the M.Line brand.


GroFin unveils Small & Growing Businesses Fund backed by DGGF in South Africa

Job creation being a key priority of the Fund, Conradie highlighted that GroFin is keen on businesses that have the potential to create 10 – 50+ job opportunities, starting with companies that have fewer than 150 employees. Currently, research by shows that 65% of SMEs in South Africa create zero job opportunities, while just 9% create 20 jobs or more.

United Farmers & Processors, Kenya

“We approached several commercial banks but none of them would touch a start-up. GroFin funded our start-up where banks were unwilling to take the risk,” says Kamau.
With over 30 years of business success in the US, Kamau wants to revolutionise chicken rearing in his country with the sophistication and professionalism of poultry farming in advanced economies and contribute to national food security. Although various small chicken rearing businesses and a few big national poultry producers exist in the country, the poultry sector is one of the rapidly expanding sectors in Kenya and the current demand for poultry meat exceeds supply.

Al Jabery Water Heaters, Iraq

Since he was 7 years old, Mohamed Al Jabery has been involved in his father’s business of manufacturing water heaters.
“I started with basic tasks like iron dust cleaning, and gradually grew into specialised roles in production management, finance and marketing, until I was finally promoted to general management of the business in 2001,” says 41-year-old Mohamed.